Have you ever spent hours staring at a blank document struggling to come up with something to write about? You might even have a topic in mind, but can’t seem to take your thoughts and put them into words. It is easy to get into an artistic slump. This blog post is dedicated to getting your creative juices flowing by providing you with some of my favourite rituals.

Take a Walk

Unfortunately, with the weather we have been experiencing lately this isn’t the best advice right now. If you need to go outside, please be careful on those slippery roads and sidewalks. As soon as the sunshine is out I suggest that you change up the scenery and go outside. Stimulate your senses with the landscape and fresh air.


Sometimes my best ideas come to me right before I go to sleep when my mind is rolling. I leave a journal on my nightstand when moments like this arise. I write down any idea that comes to mind and promise myself to review it in the morning.

Do Some Spring Cleaning

Take some time to clean and organize your office space. A thorough clean can help to clear your mind of the things that need to be done and makes it easier for you to focus on more important things – like your creative writing.

Take a Break

Sometimes I find myself on a role and then suddenly have writers block. It is okay to switch things around and take a break. Have a snack, take a 20-minute nap, have a coffee/tea break – find something else to do. Oftentimes I have other side-jobs on my ‘get-done’ list. I will focus on another task and come back to my writing.


Have you ever put any idea that comes to mind on paper? Most people have had to brainstorm for assignments and work projects, but have you ever considered doing it to come up with your next creative project? Spend 30 minutes to an hour writing down any idea you can come up with – silly or not. Analyze your results and pick your winners after.


Through reading you expose yourself to new things, new knowledge, new experiences through the minds of other writers and so much more. You gain a better understanding and connect with your brain. Most importantly, reading shows you a world of imagination. Whether it is a fictional mystery book, a book in your field of study, a celebrity magazine or your favourite online blogger – find something to read that you enjoy.

Everyone is different and every day is different. Some days your brain may be completely open and the ideas and creativity seem to just flow. Other days you may find that you are stuck in an creative rut. There is no shame in this, but it is important to find rituals to help overcome that artistic drought. If you have got any favourites that haven’t made this list, share them in the comments below.