Happy Halloween Everyone! 

Today is the perfect day to be someone you have always imagined being! Whether that is a fairy tale princess, a pop star, a fireman, your favourite celebrity or well… a cat (because, let’s be honest – cats do kind of live the easy life). The possibilities are endless.

This past weekend many young and old went to Halloween festivities dressed up in their costumes. I did something completely different. I decided to save my money and use it for someone special.

This past Thursday my mother commenced her surgery to remove the cancer! She came out of the surgery as strong as ever but I knew that she still needed the support of her family. So, I decided to surprise her with a special visit!

When I first surprised my mother with flowers, and chocolates she burst into tears. Not tears of sadness, but tears of happiness because she wanted so badly to see me during this time and thought she wouldn’t (little did she know I had it planned for weeks). This was the best feeling to experience and was well worth missing any Halloween festivities.

People that haven’t gone through breast cancer don’t realize the impact of losing one of your lovely lady lumps has on you. Everything from dressing, bathing and even something as simple as holding your purse changes – especially during the healing process. I expected my mother to experience feelings of grief, anger or even resentment but instead she felt relieved – relieved that the cancer she had been carrying was no longer there. All she has left to do is radiation!

So maybe I didn’t dress up as Superwoman, Lady Gaga or Snow White for this Halloween, but I still feel like a hero for my mother and that is better than any costume I could ever wear!

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