Have you ever wondered what happens after you graduate? I know I did. I feared graduating and not being able to find a job, or easily finding a job that I do not enjoy. I feared I took the wrong program and will have to further educate myself to obtain a future I had no plan for. Yes, there are many fears that come to one’s mind when thinking about the LIFE AFTER GRADUATION.

I am sure you prepared yourself for these possible outcomes, but did you ever prepare yourself for this:

Did you ever prepare for finding a job you love?

Did you prepare for graduating as a different person?

Did you prepare to graduate alongside some of the friends you will have for a lifetime?

Did you prepare to leave with some of the most treasured memories of your life?

I am sure you never prepared for these things, which is why I am writing to you today. After college, I obtained a job I love. Advice to you, don’t give up trying. You may get turned down once or twice until to find your dream job.

I graduated a different person – a BETTER person. The independence I gained is unmeasurable. How I view myself personally and professionally has matured. I am able to see my self-worth and spend time with those who see it too. I am way more confident in my capabilities than I ever could have imagined and have gained the skills I need to get to where I aim to be in the future.

Some people say “you find your lifelong friends in high school.” I disagree. I found my most valuable friends during my college years and so will you. Did you ever prepare yourself to leave college knowing you have friends to spend the rest of your years with? Now that is a future to be excited about!

During my time at St. Lawrence College, I made so many memories that I will remember for the rest of my life. These were my “college years”, “the good days”, and maybe the “not-so good days.” Did you ever prepare yourself leaving remembering the times when you studied for hours for that test you aced, participated in your favourite sports and clubs, and maybe spending some nights out, regretting your endeavours the next morning?

I don’t think you ever prepared for this. I don’t think anyone ever does and maybe it won’t be just like how my life rolled out but I sure believe it will be something similar. The life after graduation is something you are never really prepared for – even with all of the new knowledge you acquired throughout the years. You don’t prepare yourself for past memories and future memories to come. So do me a favour? Prepare for the best. You deserve it!

Also, a big thanks to Chris Watkins from Four/19 Photography for once again being an amazing & talented photographer in the ygk community! I love every single one of my graduation photos!