I know many of you are trying to determine what direction you should take in terms of post-secondary. Should I go to university? Should I go to college? Should I move away? Should I stay local? What program should I take? The list of questions goes on and on…

With my current position and previous education at St. Lawrence College I would like to tell you some things you should know about SLC – drawing from my experience. I am hoping that these things can assist in determining what to do in the future and what to look for in your post-secondary options.

1) St. Lawrence College offers an abundance of programs.

With various part-time, full-time, online and apprenticeship programs, SLC has a lot to offer. If you are unsure about which program best aligns with you and need some guidance, contact dreamit@sl.on.ca. I didn’t know that this option was available and for someone like me – who at the time had major phone anxiety – this would have been very helpful. Luckily, I chose the right course (MARKETING FOR THE WIN!).

2) The classroom sizes will likely be much similar to high school. 

If you prefer smaller class sizes and more one-on-one time with your professor then college is the right direction to take. Classes vary from 25-50, with the occasional lecture-size classes. This was great because I was always able to get the help I needed from my teachers to excell in my courses.

3) St. Lawrence provides multiple bridges to get a degree – on or off campus.

SLC provides degree programs in nursing, business and psychology. In addition, it provides many opportunities to bridge from a diploma to a degree. What I found the most interesting is that St. Lawrence offers opportunities – depending on the course – to study abroad and get your degree (GASP!). I am contemplating travelling to Ireland to get mine!

4) St. Lawrence College aims to get you a job upon course completion. 

With multiple courses focusing on personal and professional development, SLC aims to get you a job upon graduation.

In my case, I had a course that strictly focused on creating that PERFECT résumé. I had various meetings with my professors to determine what direction I wanted to take – career wise. Lastly, all marketing students had to participate in a professional development day that taught us proper dress, interview prep and dinner etiquette. HOW FUN?!?!

5) St. Lawrence College CARES! 

All of the faculty and staff truly care about the student body. They want to see their students succeed and will go out of their way to make sure it happens.

To give a personal example, last year I went through a difficult time when my sister and my belongings were stolen while we were shopping at the local mall. This included our laptops, iPads, backpacks and even textbooks. This put us in a rut, especially considering it was during finals. Luckily, the college recognized what we were going through and supplied us each with a hardship bursary that allowed us to purchase some of what was lost so we could complete finals. Thanks to them, we were able to get through it and complete our semesters. They reached out to us and showed us that they were not just a college but they were also “a college that cares about their students.” 

I hope this helps for those of you stuck when deciding your future! Looking for the opportunities and qualities that St. Lawrence College possesses can really help you determine which option is best! Best of luck!