I AM WALKING RIGHT NOW and also BLOGGING! Our technology advanced society has made it possible to do what was thought to be the impossible, the unthinkable (GASP) – walking while doing your daily work in the office. This astonishing product is known as the treadmill desk and I am using it right now!

What are my thoughts?

Where do I start? After sitting at my desk all morning, it is a nice change of environment. I have recognized that my best ideas are formed before I go to bed (which is why I have a notebook on my bedside table), and while I am walking. This is probably why I decided to write this blog post now. In addition, I recently made some lifestyle changes that centralize around improving my health and wellness. The fact that I can get some exercise while completing assigned tasks makes me feel accomplished.

Unfortunately for me, I have horrible knees and walking for too long can be tough on them. This is why I can only anticipate me using this desk for an hour maximum.

The Benefits of Walking while Working?

  1. It increases your creativity. If you are wondering why your mind comes up with the best ideas when you are moving, it is because creativity sparks during exercise.
  2. Do you ever wonder why when you are stressed, you feel the need to go for a walk? It is because physical activity improves your mood.
  3. It promotes a healthy lifestyle and a healthy lifestyle produces countless benefits such as productivity enhancement, mental health improvement, etc.

I am Speed Walking Through this Week!

Similar to last week, the week has flown by! This week I have assisted BBD with rebranding, social media marketing and more. I can’t believe that my placement is rapidly coming to an end. ONE MORE WEEK! I am super excited to go to Toronto this coming Tuesday for the BBDU event! So, as I sadly say farewell to another week, I greet next week with enthusiasm!

Source: 8 Benefits of a Treadmill Desk and Walking Desk by LifeSpan