Happy Friday everyone! Today I completed my first week of placement at Benefits by Design. This week has gone by so fast, which brings mixed emotions. I am feeling emotions of both excitement and despair knowing that that my first week is over and I only have two more to go before I complete my placement. This past week the people of BBD have welcomed me to their workplace and made me feel as though I am a part of their family. I truly admire every individual I have worked with thus far and the team`s collaboration.

This past week I have accomplished a lot for Benefits by Design. I also attended my first (EVER!) round-table meeting with the BBD team and Ron, the owner. Ron spoke to everyone about BBD’s progression since its establishment and thanked the team for their contributions. Ron’s words were inspiring and I could see a true leader displayed by his presence.

In terms of work – which is categorized as FUN for me – the team of BBD provided me with many opportunities to assist the company, while learning and/or advancing skills required for a marketing professional. To begin I was tasked to assist with social media marketing by creating both original and curated posts for BBD’s Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn accounts. This content centralized around the themes of employee insurance, health and wellness, and workplace culture. The following is an infographic I created that provides assistance to reducing stress:


dealing-with-stress Infographic
How to Manage Stress Infographic

The second task assigned for me to complete was a follow-up email campaign that will be sent to all attendees of both the Vancouver and Toronto BBDU events. This email contains a survey for attendees to answer to get feedback on both of the events. To create this campaign I had to get familiar with Mailchimp and SurveyMonkey and format a branded email that thanked attendees for their presence at BBDU, and linked the survey for respondents to complete. This was a unique experience for me because it was my first experience using the Mailchimp application. In addition to this email I created using Mailchimp, I also had to create the Admin BUZZ newsletter that will be emailed to specific groups this coming Wednesday.

Lastly, I was tasked to create a print piece for BBD. This piece is a flowchart that assists in determining whether prospective Advisors are the right fit for BBD. It includes questions with possible answers to each in a visually appealing format. For this task, I wanted to present BBD with material that aligns with the culture of the business that is also appealing to all target audiences.

To conclude, I am very amazed at what opportunities BBD has provided me throughout this past week of placement. I am very excited to complete the next two weeks but will be sad when it is all over.

Once again, I would like to thank this team for welcoming me with open arms and providing me with such a valuable experience thus far!