As an aspiring marketer, I recognize the importance of utilizing social media to present a professional and unique image online. The three primary platforms I use to achieve this are Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. In particular, Instagram has been an effective platform to share some of my life – in a professional way – to the world. Recently, I was able to reach a whopping 2000 followers!

Now how did I achieve this? Let me explain.

  1. Make it personal (but also keep in mind to be professional).

What I mean by this is that users want to see a face behind the account. They want to be assured that the person they are following is not a robot. Sharing life milestones, hobbies, and passions are great ways to look professional while letting users get to know you.

  1. Target, Follow and Like.

Instagram has made it easy to find people around you. You can simply search your location and find anyone who is using location services in your area in their posts. Also, you can target people using hashtags that are appealing to you. In my case, I use Kingston related hashtags such as #YGK and #MySLC, as well as hashtags related to my hobbies and passions such as #Blogger and #Marketing. Now you have a large selection of images to choose from to like and you can follow captivating Instagram feeds. As soon as you like and/or follow an account they will notice you in their notifications and in many cases will engage with you, whether that is liking your images or following you.

  1. Use Hashtags.

I once read that images with 11 or more hashtags receive the most engagement. YES, that is important, but what is more important is choosing hashtags that best align with who you want to engage with. I use hashtags such as #Marketing, #Business, #Blogger, #SocialMedia, #GraphicDesign, #YGK and some fun ones too like #Fitness (when my post is related to my hobbies at the gym), #Motivation, #Quotestagram and #Instalove. These are all popular hashtags and get a lot of engagement.


Don’t be just like any Instagram. Find a way to be unique. What I did in particular was change the layout of my feed using simple applications such as Repix and Instasize to make my Instagram feed look like postcards (see image below). This stands out when people notice my feed and many people follow me just because of its uniqueness!

My Instagram Feed (@mccancetara)

With time and dedication, you can do it too!