Have you ever seen a post on social media that made you cringe? While reading it, you thought to yourself, what is this person thinking?!?… Clearly they weren’t.

Sometimes, actually in many cases, social media can be a great source to express yourself to the public (if you wish) but in many other cases, social media could become your worst nightmare. So, when is it enough? When have you gone too far on social media? How can you make yourself appear more professional online?

The Bad:

Sometimes people go too far and show too much on their social media accounts. People do not need to know and/or see every little detail of your life (for example – issues with your significant other).

STOP complaining. Constantly complaining on social media downgrades your presence online and prospective employers will most likely dislike all of your negativity.

Once it is online, it is ONLINE. What I mean by this is that even if you delete something online that you posted (for example, your awkward twitter profile from when you were 16), it may never actually be gone. This is why it is crucial to think before you post!

The Good:

Social media provides an opportunity for you to express yourself. That being said, knowing how to express yourself in a professional way is crucial for it to become an asset to you.

Social media allows for you to follow potential employers, motivators and friends. It assists in building your online network and could help you connect with important people.

Social media is a great way to market yourself by showing the activities you do that can set you apart from others. This will help you if you are looking for jobs because potential employers can see what SUPERB activities you are doing. Please note that when I say activities, I don’t not… I REPEAT…I do not mean your late night Friday endeavours.

The Result:

Having a professional presence online can be crucial to your future success. You can use it as an asset by expressing your opinions appropriately and sharing valuable experiences in your life. Using these tips will take your cultivated image to the next level.

Just remember to always be conscious before clicking that ‘share’ button!